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1) Can I still get Iokath/GEMINI gear by doing Vet Mode and Master Mode Operations as well as unassembled components or whatever replaced them?
No. There is no way to acquire Eternal Commander MK-11 to MK-15, nor Iokath MK, nor GEMINI MK, except that the crafting schematics for the fixed-stats MK-4 or MK-14 versions still exist. In fact, the only non-crafted GC gear you can acquire now is Eternal Commander MK-3 (230-purple) which still drops from the gear crate that accompanies the Master's Datacron.
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2) From what I've gathered, GEMINI MK-5 is no longer the new hotness,
At max level, GEMINI MK-5 isn't *any* kind of hotness. It isn't even the best you can get from pre 6.0 content. If you have sufficient rep on Ossus (run the Jedi Under Siege story and Ossus dailies for more rep), you can buy 252 purple "Experimental Ossan" for credits (35K per piece, if memory serves). If you have 252 purple, you can trade it up for 258 yellow "Masterwork" for 20K credits plus the 252 piece.

However, the set bonus on all pre-6.0 shells (set bonuses are back on shells, not armorings) stops working when you reach level 75, but a little inventiveness about going back to Ossus before the refund timer runs out makes that gear free until then.
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and I have yet to find a loot table or any indications on where I can get the new best gear at this point from Vulkk or Dulfy. Is there a loot table that exists yet or has that not been made yet?
Not as such, because it doesn't work like that any more.
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3) If there is no loot table to reflect these changes, where can I find these new better gear?
A complete basic set of 268-green is given away during the Onslaught story as mission rewards. While you are level 75, if you get gear drops from ordinary trash mobs, they will be 270-green to 276-blue. Bosses in Ops and FPs drop a piece of gear at about your current Item Rating (top-left in your character panel. It might be a little more, it might be a little less.

Gear you don't want should be deconstructed(1)(2) for Technical Fragments, usually abbreviated Tech Frags, which are a legacy-wide currency (in the currency panel) that allows you to *buy* higher gear. Tech Frags also drop from Renown crates (100 per crate), personal Conquest rewards, bosses in FPs/Ops/Ups.

Tech Frags are currency for the vendors on the Fleet, in the same bays that the GC Tier gear vendors were. These vendors sell different things:
* Kai Zykken is only open from Thursday to Monday, and sells a random selection of stuff for Tech Frags+credits.
* Next to Kai is a "<Spoils of War Vendor>" who sells fixed-stats gear pieces for Tech Frags. These pieces are always (if you're below 306 Item Rating) better than your current Item Rating, and if you're trading there, you should always replace your current lowest piece of gear.
* Next to that vendor are some others who sell the pets and speeders that used to drop from GC crates.
* In the other bay, there are vendors who sell set bonus gear shells. Some set bonuses are "universal", for any class, while some are for a specific base class pair (e.g. Consular / Inquisitor), and some are for a specific advanced class pair (e.g. Commando / Mercenary). These vendors *also* sell "Tacticals" which are discussed below.

The ast piece of the puzzle is Tacticals.

Tacticals are a fifteenth gear piece, usable only by level 75s. You get a useless one, "Krall's Accord"(3) for completing the Onslaught story, and can acquire others later. They do drop from various places, and they can be bought in that last-bay vendor group.

(1) Deconstruction is the new Reverse Engineering, with the added feature that any level 75 character can deconstruct any level 75 gear, regardless of crew skills, and get Tech Frags and Jawa tokens, or Tech Frags and materials if you have the right crafting skill.

(2) Do not disintegrate from the Renown crate interface - that gives a relatively small amount of Renown points but no Tech Frags.

(3) It buffs one stat by +100, and rotates which stat it buffs every five-to-ten seconds. Each time it changes, it updates your buff list, which has the added bonus feature of glitching the crew skill mission interface. And yes, on a DPS or heal character, nothing prevents it from buffing your Absorb, Shield or Defense, nor your Accuracy on a tank. As I said, useless.
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