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05.22.2020 , 10:38 PM | #1
So I've been away from SWTOR for a while, and when I got back, I found that the Galactic Command XP bar had been replaced with the Renown XP bar, and that my progress with the GC bar was not transferred to Renown. From what I understand, unlike GC, Renown does not possibly give you the best gear based on your GC Rank, but rather on your current Item Level. I was wondering about using adaptive armor with the newest modifications, but the highest item level was 220, whereas some of the Iokath gear I have if at 236 (if I recall), so that would be a pointless endeavor for me. With that, I have some questions:

1) Can I still get Iokath/GEMINI gear by doing Vet Mode and Master Mode Operations as well as unassembled components or whatever replaced them?

2) From what I've gathered, GEMINI MK-5 is no longer the new hotness, and I have yet to find a loot table or any indications on where I can get the new best gear at this point from Vulkk or Dulfy. Is there a loot table that exists yet or has that not been made yet?

3) If there is no loot table to reflect these changes, where can I find these new better gear?

If I have any more questions, I'll post them later.