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<strike fighter builds>
Awesome! Thanks for the contribution and the formatting! I'll have to try this particular setup, I haven't played my Pike/Quell often enough because lately I've been working on additional GSF achievements.

Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
... use of retro thrusters and boost can minimize your damage taken.
That's something I actually use as well and neglected to mention, thank you for the heads up. I will add this in! It's definitely useful information.

Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
I read the t2 scout section... I think you don't do enough justice to other builds...
I definitely don't list them all, as I mentioned that could take an awfully long time and I don't specialize more in one ship than the others. I gave an alternative build at the start of the Sting/Flashfire section, but it certainly doesn't encompass all possible specs. This is where I could use additional help from savvy T2 scouts like yourself! Ramalina's contribution with strike fighter builds definitely helps add variety to the thread and gives readers more options and logic. I think I'll link builds here in the appropriate sections.

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The only time telemetry pulls ahead in DPS is when your relative accuracy (i.e. weapon accuracy minus target's evasion) is under 70%, which is pretty rare given actual accuracy and evasion values (especially with precision and post-nerf dfield etc).
I guess that really depends on who/what you're fighting. I don't believe there's any ideal build that covers all situations and I think I mentioned as much (if not, I just did right now). With Burst Laser Cannons, you're not likely to have too much trouble handling strikes if you stay on their tail. I don't feel like Retro Thrusters would ever be optimal for killing gunships, I listed a gunship-killer build for the T1 scout (and gave reasons as to why above it).

T2 scouts are another matter. 33% evasion base on a T2 scout + 35% (DF) + either 30% (Retro) or 15% (Running Inter) is 98% or 83% evasion. That's not even counting the additional evasion from TT if you were to spec that way. Even at best-case scenario shots at 500m or less (which is DEFINITELY not every shot), you have less than 70% accuracy (123% BLC at 500m or less + let's say 20% Servo Jammer or In Your Sights = 143%. 143% - worst case 83% = 60% accuracy.). Based on your statement, you'll run into this situation against my T2 scout build pretty much every time. If I did the math wrong or don't understand it properly, I hope I at least conveyed the thought well enough. I definitely don't think it's worthless, though I agree it might not be as useful in games that are horribly skewed in your favor.

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Couple of odd choices on the Razorwire. But nonetheless a good read.
Thank you! What about the Razorwire did you find odd? Maybe you could suggest some alternatives? I went with damage reduction on it to make it a bit more distinct in flavor to the Legion/Warcarrier, though I've run a pretty typical build on it as well.

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Oh, and coming at it from a sim player's perspective, if you're not flying as part of a well coordinated team you are by definition an incompetent pilot.
I tend to agree with this sentiment and generally enjoy playing with friends much more than solo queues where every enemy is out for my blood. Having a buddy makes it easier to coordinate and play as a real team (I know, no brainer).

Quote: Originally Posted by Ramalina View Post
Like many component choices in GSF it's nuanced and situational with no single choice guaranteed to be a global optimum.
100% agree here, which ties in to my reply for the next quote...

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I haven't read the whole guide, but at first sight it looks more like a personal build suggestion than a guide to me, but not everything that works great for you, does work great for others.
This is why I've listed what I use and why, rather than analyze each component in the game and say "don't use this because so and so." If someone else wishes to do that or becomes a popular request (which I haven't seen quite yet, this was mostly done because of the frequent whispers I get) I'd be willing to work on something to that effect. I agree that each player has their own playing style (look at Ramalina's strike fighter builds, quite different!), and hopefully more contributions will reflect that and give readers more variety.

Quote: Originally Posted by Armonddd View Post
I would argue that those are the situations you're supposed to be putting yourself in. Bombers and gunships are a huge threat, and sneaking up behind people is obviously the best way to kill them ("don't fight fair, fight to win").
Love the quote, I think I referenced something to this effect somewhere in that long mess of posts I made.

Quote: Originally Posted by zaskar View Post
As soon as I saw he had recommendations for the new ships I called ********. No one had had any time in them but devs, at least enough to make solid choices on systems and gameplay.
I did mention that it's theoretical, you can call it whatever you like. I'd challenge you to add something useful to the thread, but I can't force you to.

I guess I'll make those changes/additions, now. Keep the feedback and commentary coming!
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