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So the reason we recomend Targ Telem is basically the ship is as evasive as possible, basically just taking it for the extra 8% evasion, but the extra dmg is nice. It has a 30 sec cd with a 15 sec duration so you basically get that 8% evasion 50% of the match. Now we did also recommend that if you wanted a full dmg build its there in the description, the full gunship killing build. I hope that helps clear up why we suggested those
I'd suggest that the extra booster time from boost recharger would more than make up for lacking the 8% evasion, if that's what you're going for.

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How many games have you run with mastered telemetry?

If your answer is "I did math and ignored the cooldown and the defense, as well as the relative value of accuracy versus a high evasion opponent, and therefore I just use blaster overcharge", which I strongly suspect it is... well, that is missing a lot.
I like how when I asked for a tl;dr of your rapid fire thread your response was something along the lines of "this isn't *********** twitter", but you've obviously not read my BO/TT thread.

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Your math is only true when you can hold the trigger on your opponent for several seconds, which is rarely the case in fast paced dogfights (except against Bombers, Gunships and when you're sneaking up behind someone).
I would argue that those are the situations you're supposed to be putting yourself in. Bombers and gunships are a huge threat, and sneaking up behind people is obviously the best way to kill them ("don't fight fair, fight to win").
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