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That's an awfully small payoff for the amount of requisition you spend to master a major component slot.
This quote really confuses me. I mean, I don't think anyone is recommended that on your scout you just tunnel systems component or whatever. And long term, you are of course going to master all the components you are using. So this line really makes no sense to me at all.

Evasion is the best per unit defensive stat, but it's not good enough at that price.
The "price" is that you don't have blaster overcharge (or another systems component).

For Telemetry to be worth it for a type 2 scout (ed) you need to use it liberally and in a way that benefits from as many of it's utility functions as possible.
No, you just need to get more or superior utility out of it than you would the other available slot choices.

I'd say it's a decent but not great choice for a highly skilled pilot.
How many games have you played with mastered telemetry and mastered overcharge?

Stasie's post doesn't ignore blaster overcharge, but he does tell you why you would want targeting telemetry (and I suspect many posters in this thread don't even know that it boosts secondary weapons), and why he uses it. Remember: this isn't "stuff one guy built and likes". And it most certainly isn't "stuff that doesn't work for GOOD pilots".

You could make a case that it beats blaster overcharge for a pilot so new to the game
That is not what he said. Stasie has so many games with every ship and so many components that it is a resource not really seen on these forums- add that to his discussions with other pilots, and it's easily the best guide on the forums. You are free to dismiss it, but to do so is an almost laughable waste. But definitely don't give bad advice to other folks based on nowhere near as much playtime and discussion.

Like many component choices in GSF it's nuanced and situational with no single choice guaranteed to be a global optimum.
I doubt he'd argue with you here. Obviously each system choice offers something different. What he's providing is a solid build with reasoning behind each piece. If blaster overcharge was overall better for the role he is promoting, he would recommend it. He does discuss where it would go the other way before even launching into the build.

I haven't read the whole guide, but at first sight it looks more like a personal build suggestion than a guide to me, but not everything that works great for you, does work great for others.
The effort that went into this guide is rather high. Reading is an order of magnitude less effort than writing. You couldn't even be arsed to read it entirely before deriding it as a "personal build suggestion"? Why on earth would he research, write, and post a "personal build suggestion"? He's already the top ace and has thousands of games, do you think he couldn't remember whether to take "missile break" or "3 seconds more evasion" if he didn't write it down?

If anything, I think the guide should be more prescriptive, especially with ships like the gunship which have no real build diversity, and with bad components that I would call out, such as Hydro Spanner. But of course then the thread becomes a bunch of "Hey, *I* use that, and my thirty-fiving totally saved the game this one time on this satellite!" I swear!