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Quote: Originally Posted by Wildtee View Post
Your entire assertion here is based on faulty logic - namely that there is an effective ranking mechanic for the matchmaker to draw from.
Sure, he's wrong about that, but that's the bone you're gonna pick? Like man, you got served a hot fudge sundae and really started picking out the sprinkles to eat separately, you know?

Quote: Originally Posted by myrrhbear View Post
GSF is one of my favorite parts of SWTOR
Is it? Every interaction I have had with you has been:
1)- You complaining in ops chat
2)- You complaining in /1 or insulting teams
3)- You complaining in gsf chat
4)- You complaining in the gsf discord

I've never heard you say anything like:
"Hey guys, lets form a team and win!"
"Lets talk about ships!"
"Lets talk about strategy!"
"Here's a thing I like about GSF"

Except for this post, where you claim it's one of your favorite parts of SWTOR. Well, I hope I never have to read about all the other parts of SWTOR that you like less, is all I can say.

1. The amount of time that queues take to pop is an obvious drawback.

Queue length and games at a given time are generally a result of total SWTOR population. During prime time, there are usually multiple games going on Star Forge. I bet the expansion repairs queue times for awhile, but, we'll see.

Could the game offer a mode with less players? It could, but it would be a great deal of effort to make it work right, and ship balance would be messed up, and more difficult to balance. With a 5 ship hangar it's possible to have 6s without too much adjustment, but 4s is a different universe. I don't know if the problem during the rest of the day is "the game doesn't pop 4s".

Groups of highly ranked pilots queuing as a team is really game breaking
Ah, here we are. "I won't or can't group: therefore, no one else should be able to, because teams working together in a team game have an advantage that I do not.". Dude, maybe I missed it, but I've never even seen you try to pull a team together. Also, lets look at "game breaking". Is that just another way of saying "I can't win if I go against a team in a team game"? Because that's not a broken game.

I am personally a quite strong pilot in GSF
You should have no problems pulling together a solid team then. The GSF Discord is ok for that, but I have a groupfinder Discord as well.

ending up consistently in the top 2 or 3
The map is not the territory, and the scoreboard is not a ranking system.

A group of strong pilots queued as a team totally throws off any semblance of balance
Wait, the game is unbalanced? I mean, the grouped up team in voice tends to win, right? The team with the better pilots tends to win, right? How is that unbalanced? That sounds like balance. That is definitely game balance, right there. Why should you be able to beat four other players working together?

After a couple of matches like that people simply stop queuing
This doesn't make the queue stop popping. It does make people go on the forum and claim that it makes the queue stop popping, which has been claimed about GSF since the start, SWTOR warzones since launch, and many other games since the 90s. You would think no one ever queues any game in history, with all these people who simply stop queueing.

It's really a big problem, and comes up fairly frequently
The "really big problem" is that you can't win during a time when a team is playing? And of course you can't or won't make your own team and talk in voice even in the era of Discord, so your solution is to ask the devs to stop allowing teams to play a team game because you don't like teams. We should all be punished for playing the game, to the benefit of you. Who, of course speak for everyone, just like every post on every forum about every game. I swear someone is gonna find some heiroglyphs that translate to some guy complaining he can't win at pyramid antigravity spaceball because he can't beat an entire team on his own.

I've tried discussing this with the people forming those groups but the response I got was a sense of entitlement to do as they please
AKA queue and play the game fairly and as designed, as a team, playing a team game, together. That's entitlement. Not your assumption that we should be barred from playing so that you don't have to worry about teamwork or making a team and learning how your wingmen fly. You exist, so everything should cater to you. I'm glad you are here to tell us about entitlement; otherwise I may have come to a different conclusion!

since it's fun for them
Correct. This is correct, playing as a team is fun.

and a sense of annoyance as the suggestion they please queue individually
I feel we would win less if we did this. Why should we win less? Why can't you form a team to play the team game?

They have said back to me that it's basically my problem if I don't like it
I only said this because it's your problem if you don't like it.

and that I am always free to form my own group
I only said this because you are always free to form your own group.

To me this does not seem like a valid solution.
I wasn't trying to solve your problems. That's not my job.
But it is a valid solution. It's a team game. The game makes this obvious at every step. Peeling for allies is the core mechanic in a flight game. Teamwork is the core mechanic in ANY team game.

The majority of players are not as strong in GSF as these elite pilots and even if they would want to form a group to try to make it a fair fight, a group of novices simply can't balance out a group of elite pilots.
A group of novices would do massively better than a bunch of individuals who refuse to hop in voice in any of the well populated Discords available for precisely this purpose. And you wanna know a secret? Even with SWTOR at low population, we still get games versus other premades.

Now, back to Wildtee's statement: the matchmaker actually is partly to blame here, because while matchmaker is pretty ok at putting two groups on opposite sides, it happens less often than you would assume, and it seems to group all pilots into the same bucket, without much idea about skill. It's definitely less sophisticated than the warzone battle maker. It is good at taking actually new pilots and putting them on the team with stronger pilots, often enough that it is actually doing something on this dimension, but most pilots don't count as actually new. You improve a ton in your first hundred games, and anyone who hasn't hit that mark yet tends to land on the team with the veteran pilots a lot. So that part is working as intended.

But if you aren't grouped up, you aren't even helping the matchmaker's limited power.

it's not like I can find several other strong pilots 24/7 whenever I am in the mood for GSF
Bro, nobody can do that. That's why we plan times to play GSF ahead of time. Getting a team together isn't some magical thing other people put no effort into. GSF chat, the GSF Discord, and the Groupfinder Discord can all help if you are looking, you know. But you appear to use these as social media sounding boxes or something.

f those elite pilots would simply queue solo then the game mechanics would be able to try to balance the two teams, and the match would become more fair and fun for everyone
This is a pvp game. Teaming up, along with being totally radical, also helps you win more. I don't queue up "to balance the two teams", I queue up to shoot red ships into atoms with plasma bolts in all the colors of the rainbow.

Therefore my suggestion for a solution would be:
"Stop other people from beating me by deleting their ability to play together and ruining the game for the players who play it as designed to cater to my needs and my desires and my whims, and do it now, and anyone who disagrees with me is mean and should feel bad for trying to win in pvp, when everyone knows I'm the only one that should win in pvp and all strategy, teamwork, and design should be thrown out for my sake immediately"

Or however you have phrased it, that's the gist of it. A familiar refrain indeed.
"The most despicable person on the GSF forum."