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Observational points indeed, but every observation is usefull when we don't know much about this.

I was wondering also about the relics, if maybe a crit + power duo could work better with this setup than a Mastery + Power duo... You're using Crit + Mastery ?
Yeah, Mastery gives some power + crit, so I think its definitely the best bang for your buck type of relic. Crit relic adds about 5%'ish to your surge and crit chance when it procs, with crit %'s being so high nowadays, your bound to crit during its 6 second duration.

I read awhile back in various threads that power only ups your RNG range for base damage, whereas Surge increase from crit is guaranteed damage. That extra 5% surge you get from the crit proc could be more then what you get from the power proc. Assuming you crit during that window ofc, lol. Overall the difference are hard to pin down, I suppose the only way to get a definitive answer as to what is best is to do like 50 dummy parses of each and see what you average out too. But even that can be skewed due to the RNG element of crits.
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