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you mean master don't you i didn't see a black talon for veteran on group finder though, i know you can run a veteran through the actual mission giver i only ever get command points though when i do a run through.
I think i did mean Veteran, and yes from mission giver not group finder. But my post is a little old and not valid any more as i think Black Talon was totally nerfed. It used to be a good flashpoint to get both CXP and Isotopes when 5.0 just landed. I even played it like 10 / 12 times in a row with a command boost once. It was kind of boring in the end
I'm just recently returning from over a year and havenīt done BT Vet yet to see what it gives (if it even gives anything). So far now i only got some isotopes from PVP regs.
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