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1. Toy Tossing "buffs" - Like Snowballs or Huttball toss . . .
Allowing people to block the toy tossing would basically end toy tossing. Almost everyone would "block" it, including those who are doing it. (Whether that's a good or bad thing is a different debate.)
I'm not familiar with the HuttBall toss, but - don't quote me on this - the effect of the snowball can be cancelled by right-clicking on the snowball icon on your effects bar. I think the snowy effect goes away but you are still flagged has having been "tossed".

2. All cantina areas should consistently not allow people to remain mounted.
I only partially agree with this. I think there should be a separation between smaller "personal", indoor mounts and larger, outdoor ones. It's ok by me to see people on a basic speeder, but running around on a Gundark or in a Ziost Taxi is too big for indoors.
3. Ignore feature. Even when /ignore is done, the player ignored can still "harass" by simply spamming any non-custom emote nearby.
I think you can turn off "emote" chat. Right-click on the General tab at the top of the chat window and select chat settings. Turn off whatever channels you don't want to see.
Turning off "emote" will turn of the chat listing of the emote, but I think you can still see them "perform" the emote ... if you are looking in their direction.
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