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2. All cantina areas should consistently not allow people to remain mounted. Most planets are free of this mount ability within cantina's. The only non-planet exceptions are ships or space stations. I'm referring to non-player ships of course. Since there are so many Star Wars fans that do enjoy roleplaying, having the inner rings (from the steps down), to not allow mounts would bring down the tickets of "harassment" and make for a more friendly playing experience.
No. I disagree. People RPing in questing areas must learn to put up with people moving through their RP sessions, and should not have a say in *how* those people move through those areas.

For reference, the Slippery Slopes cantina on Nar Shaddaa (off the side of the Lower Promenade) is a questing area. Several classes have missions in or adjacent to the cantina, and everyone playing through the beginning of Jedi Under Siege has to go there.

I'd also point out that the Fleet cantinas are (on both sides) *also* questing areas. There are two (I think, might be three) visits there as part of Forged Alliances, and another as part of Hearts and Minds.
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