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Fair enough, I would not be surprised if the best sorc/sage in the game plays on my server. I should have changed good to excellent or perfectly played. Either way what is your answer to the layout I purposed? Or have they the sorcs/sages you play against not discovered that route to victory against you yet?
I don't have the epeen to follow that up and say they can't beat me. Everyone has good and bad days and I know I've succumbed to defeat by these guys, but still have gone back up to get the upperhand.

I find after playing on 2 competitive servers, that it's really the same everywhere, skill is present on whatever server you play. I'd bet the sages on JC are equal in skill to your server, so I'll just say "it depends". Some of them use LoS to their advantage and let dots eat at you if you have evasion on cd. Others are just more skilled at staying mobile.

The ones who do the best are the ones who quickly counter my movement impairs and stay at range from me. As with Scrappers in general, luck is a big factor in situations like our abilities don't crit when we need them to.

My only point actually was just to say even the best sages/sorcs I've been up against aren't unbeatable by a Scrapper. They can be damn good though.

Edit: Reread my original post and have to apologize. Didn't mean to insinuate I've never been beaten by a good sorc/sage. Just usually I will come out on top.