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You should never lose a fight with these guys if you open on them. They just don’t have the survivability to eat a Shoot First followed by a Kick/SC/BB. Now, your target might run away like a coward, but he is never going to be able to fight you regardless of his spec. For the Sorcerer, a “win” is surviving, kiting, and LOSing while you waste your time and take damage from other enemies.
  • Know what to interrupt. Against a DPS Sorcerer, don’t let him get off Thundering Blast. Against a healer, don’t let him resolve a high crit chance Dark Heal or Revivification. Never let any Sorcerer Whirlwind you.

    Save your CC breaker for an insta-cast Whirlwind. If you know your opponent doesn’t have it, you can just use it after the usual 4s stun.

    If your sorcerer doesn’t have bubble stun, you should be killing him in no more than 10 seconds without fail. If you are not, you need to get some WH gear. Bubble Stun makes things at least fair for the Sorcerer, so let’s talk about some tactics for dealing with it.
    If you crit on your first Shoot First, you are going to pop the bubble and get stunned. That will give the sorc another GCD after he stands up to rebubble. If this happens, you need to stun, Blaster Whip, back up, and throw a Thermal Grenade. That will break his second bubble while you are safely out of range.
    If you DON’T crit on your first Shoot First, quickly backpedal and throw a Thermal Grenade. That should be enough to pop the stun while you are out of range. If he rebubbles right away, fire off your Kick, toss down Sabotage Charge, back up, and then fire off some an Overload Shot. The FR DOT + SC + Shot will be enough to pop the second bubble. Once the bubbles are gone, the Sorcerer is at your mercy.

    Sorcerers say “Force Speed”. I say “Tendon Blast”. Tendon Blast is a hard counter to a DPS sorcerers Force Speed. You need to be quick with your trigger finger, but you can often get TB off before the target leaves the 10 meter range. If you get stunned first and then the sorcerer speeds away, that’s only a small speed bump. Toss a Thermal Grenade, activate Sneak for 50% speed, and use your interrupt to stop Crushing Darkness or Thundering Blast. Healer Sorcerers with Fadeout are trickier, because they bypass the Tendon Blast snare. Thankfully, any healer with Fadeout is also going to be pretty low in the DPS trees, so you won’t take too much damage as you re-close the gap.

    This is the only real threat that a Sorcerer has. The Electric Binding talent is a nasty 5 second snare that you can’t do anything about. In the first 2 seconds, damage doesn’t break the root. After that, the Sorcerer can freely LOS, heal, and set up for more damage. We literally have no ability to remove this root, so your best bet is to throw a Grenade and/or Sabotage Charge and then either heal up yourself or fire some Flurry of Bolts.
In a wz sure, in a 1v1 encounter where both sides have all CDs available you can't win against a GOOD dps sorc, madness or hybrid. You open with FR/SF. Lets follow your route and say we follow up with a dirty kick. They instantly CC breaker and force speed away, so we catch them with a sever tendon. Mouse turn overload, now we are either rooted for 5 seconds if hybrid, or they sever force and we are rooted for 2 seconds and have a heavy dot on us. Keep in mind that all we have accomplished damage wise is 1 SF+ our FR dot, mostly negated by the bubble. While rooted we sab charge, Vital shot, as root falls off we pop sneak for movement boost. They slow us and kite, we can't get a slow on them because we can't get back within 10 meters. While kiting if we did real damage to them, they pop recklessness and hit the insta heal. So we don't bother and instead vanish (have to use evasion to clear the dot)At this point we can either go straight for them with our vanish speed bonus or we can loop in. If we go straight in they should be able to catch us with a force sorm pretty much every time. if we loop, they are getting valuable time off the lockout of their bubble and the cd of force speed and knock back.

lets stipulate that we do successfully close with vanish and catch them with another SF before the lockout expires or they have any cds back. We can't stun this time, so as soon as they get up from SF, they can stun us or insta lift. We cc break, they hit us with the other and congrats we will never get close enough to them again while they kill us with dots. Even if they messed up and we did get close enough they would have speed and knock back up.

All of the damage we did to them consists of 2 SFs, 2FRs, 1 Sab charge, 1 Vital shot, and 1 thermal grenade. Maybe we got a flury of bolts in there. We can also have caught them with 1 backblast (that won't apply a new FR, or 1 BW after the second SF) regardless we don't reach the 24-28k neccisary to kill the sorc and his bubble and insta heal crit. We can't finish them with ranged attacks before they get a second bubble available, even if we opened right as they renewed. The fight is even more stacked against us if adrenals and medpacks are used.

If you see a solution please enlighten me, but the solution can't include the sorc being bad. Still reading the rest of your guide, its a good contribution even if there are portions I disagree with.