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In my bed... *coughs*

Sorry. The more mature answer echoes what Cloud said and I too have seen people mention they believe he's looking for ways to die but... I hope not and no past conversation indicated he ever would. He did however, as Cloud pointed out, say it would be worth almost anything to feel again so I'm going with that one for now.

All in all I hope that once he returns, the writers make his absence plausible. Right now it makes no sense in my opinion that he wasn't around for any of the KOTFE stuff especially for my Jedi Knight.
Tsk, tsk, Jenny. However I agree that Scourge above all others should have been returned considering his considerable history with the emperor. They could have worked him in with Kaliyo or even Jorgan, on Zakuul already and searching for a way to bring down the eternal throne. Hell, they did Vette and Gault together after all. I never understood his absence to be honest.

When, and if, they do return him, perhaps he will have found the cure and you, plus a lot of others will get their wish.