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So, do old class LIs get anything at all?

How different are the saboteur stories?
I played through as an Imperial Agent saboteur.

There was 0 content for Vector, which was disappointing. Not sure about the other class LIs, but likely the same.

I enjoyed the saboteur part, especially as my pc was an agent. Probably the general story was the same, but you could make everything fail and then blame it all on Malgus.

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Has anyone played through it as a traitor yet? Is anything different?

I played through as a loyal Imperial and I had several options to pick choices that were clearly not in the Empire’s interest. Are traitor characters the same but expected to pick these, or does the traitor thing actually come into play?
There are [saboteur] dialogue choices that make the mission fail for the Empire. You also meet with Jonas at the end, and he gives you a brief teaser for a new mission (which is to be continued).

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I also like how at the end of the story (after the fp) you are given a choice to rejoin the Republic or stay independent with the alliance. I think that was a good idea . For my Jedi she did rejoin the Republic, the rest I will wait and see especially those that were saboteurs.
For my saboteur I picked working for the emperor, thinking that the pc was lying but trying to get on the emperor's good side. Hopefully that is what it meant!