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Nope still crap Dulfy or go home! Besides I can pull a solid 2k on my healer that is real dps for you! Nim quality *****!
Operative: Not in top 10 for these:

or These (world leaderboards):

It is second place here:

But still beaten by the more mobile Assault Vanguard, and it was done by a guy who wrote his own guide instead of using dulfy (though to be fair, Dulfy's Operative guide was written by a guy who mains a concealment operative and was Dulfy's GM, so he knows how to pull it off and wrote a guide for it).

Try harder.

Anyway, in the past, I remember people trying to get Dulfy to optimize her guides a little more. It was responded that "The guides were written so everyone can pick up a class, use those guides, and be HM Capable. NiM Capable requirements should come from other guides or from adapting yourself and picking it up. Probably better for the second option, as it means you are a more nightmare-capable player"

Once a guy who wrote guides, now just a guy getting back in
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