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As a scout, if you are using fortress, I will just fullstop behind you and unload with BLCs and pods. You get to choose between standing still and dying, using rotational to face me and forcing me to get behind you and restart the cycle, or running and losing all of your shields on that arc (because of the way your current shields are subtracted when fortress ends).

That alone makes fortress a bad choice.

Against strikes, you will eat a mess of missiles because you don't have any lock breaks. Against a gunship, you have better odds because fortress is guaranteed and disto is not, but lucky evades will still ruin your day, and that's assuming I don't take the smart course of waiting until you're distracted.

And that's the real reason why fortress sucks and disto is good: in a game where a 1v1 is often decided by turning it into a 2v1, fortress has extremely limited use and disto has potentially unlimited use.

Of course, you may be able to farm bads with that build. And that's fine, because most fights are against bads (especially, it seems, on your server). But any build can farm bads, and using that build sets up bad habits for competitive matches -- the exact opposite of what this thread is trying to accomplish.
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