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08.08.2020 , 12:01 PM | #1
This is my first attempt at healing so I expected to be a little ineffective, but I'm way worse than that. When Nadia Grell is my healer and I am dps, she keeps me full strength almost always. When she is dps I try healing her for all I'm worth and she is dead within a minute. Note these are all on 2 person Heroics, so it's supposed to be a little challenging, but I'm getting slaughtered.

I'm primarily cycling through 3 heals (healing trance, benevolence & deliverance) with an occasional salvation & wanderiung mend, plus I've got a companion medpac. Shouldn't I be keeping her at full strength? Admittedly I'm normally a below average player, but this is ridiculous. Am I doing something wrong or does everyone know that Sage healers are useless?