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First: deathmatch... who likes it omg?
I like TDM. It's a good alternative to all those bomber-loaded Domination games. Not everyone wants to Seismic/Interdiction Mine duel all day.

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I would like to have choice what kind of fight I want to join. I am OK to wait 10 minutes more for normal battle than to be bored in deatmatch.
The player pool isn't large enough to support this. Eventually I feel like one game mode will be completely ignored. You might even see stuff like: Feel like playing TDM? Go to Jung Ma. Prefer Domination? Roll on The Bastion. etc.

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Second: bombers ... really nice ship, but I think that by implementation of bombers you totally killed any fun with GSF. There are inbalanced in my opinion with their possibilities for droids and probes spawning. Sometimes sattelites are like fortress when bomber is there ... well done.
They could definitely use some tuning, but I prefer this to "let's all play battle scouts and satellite-hump each other to death lololol."

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and last issue ... I have fully upgraded Flashfire with barrel roll... this is really usefull for gunship dogfighting ... I was several times in situation that I could not catch gunship as I was out of engine power including my abilities and crew support for engine (my flashfire built). These gunships looked like ships with unlimited source of engine power...
That's definitely not the case anymore. I encourage you to try GSF again with the patch changes. Scouts have a huge mobility advantage over gunships.
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