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Allow me to answe this in a slightly more positive way then the revious poster.

As BW has stated on the forums posts and news posts as well as on , the names of servers that are eligable to transfers have not been released.

They havven't said this yet because in an MMO community, saying something and not being able to meet that expectation is suicide. Please think back to the Ranked WZ release. They gave a date, and then couldnt meet it. They were nearly burned at the stake for this.

They are going to be opening server transfers progressively as they see the result of each wave of transfers. This ensures that no servers will get OVER populated. It also prevents, lets say, half of a guild from getting into a server and then the server filling and the other half getting locked out.

Now posters like the ones above me, will make it sound as if BW is being purposely vague with the player base because it some how makes them happy. But in reality, it's just good business for them to cover their butts but being a little "general" with their information until they are 100% on what they will do.

They have advised us to check back daily for more servers to be added to the transfer eigabilty list.


Sorry for typos, had to type quickly on my break at work.

I wish you the best with your transfer and future game play of ToR.