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Hey everyone,

Hi Keith,

While it’s good to hear from you, it seems you guys are ignoring lots of legitimate threads and concerns from players regarding some of the gearing problems for pvpers, bugs, balancing and crafting, etc. we’ve basically had zero communication and your post doesn’t cover a lot of what’s concerning the community. It’s great you are looking at crafting, but what about everything else? Also, we told you guys on the pts about the crafting issue and you ignored us.

The beginning of the year you promised we would have improved communications. But it’s one way. We communicate and you guys don’t respond or totally ignore whole threads on legitimate topics. Musco has basically been afk since launch on anything that wasn’t a tech issue,

When can we expect some better “two way” communication from your team. Many of us have discovered issues aground the gearing and that only people willing to grind flash points or Ops can gear up to get the right gear. Pvpers have a sub par drop rate and it mostly drops items 6-8 levels below your iRating.

I like that you’re optimistic and your post is too. But some of it came across that you aren’t in touch with some of the population and some of the key problems going on. I don’t know if that is your optimism or wether these things aren’t making there way back to you through the proper channels. Ie, through the community management team.

I look forward to seeing the crafting changes. But I would also like to see some discourse on the gearing for pvp and other gearing issues around Amps, cost, fragment cap, some class utilities not working, tactical’s being swapped by stealth in a pvp combat scenario, not all old content balanced correctly (yet) ... and so forth. There are plenty of these topics across the forums and we feel like they been totally ignored because we get zero response or replies from the team or Musco, if you want us to keep providing the “valuable” feed back, we need to know you are listening, ie, how about someone respond and say we’ve seen x,y,s and are looking into it. Honestly, how long would that take to do? Just an acknowledgement goes along way.