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11.08.2019 , 05:48 PM | #17
Thanks for the update, Keith! I too have been enjoying the expansion so far, with my main char already best-in-slot save for some amplifiers, and I'm currently working on getting all 8 classes to rank 100 for the legacy title. I really like the gearing.
My raid group is progressing through Dxun VM, and I've organized over ten PuG runs through Dxun SM to teach the boss fights to other players. The flurry of bugs, requiring a phase reset multiple times each run, is very annoying though.

I do have to say that my enjoyment has been diminished quite a bit because of all the small bugs, which shows me there's been a lack of attention to detail, specifically:
  • Quick Travel points that cannot be unlocked
  • Gathering nodes that are stuck inside a wall or tree and cannot be clicked
  • Mek-Sha achievements that cannot be completed
  • Mek-Sha world boss that grants no loot or achievement
  • Various bugs in the Dxun operation
  • Various typos and inconsistencies in the German translation - something that has never happened before
I am sure everyone at the studio is giving their best but these bugs show that the expansion was rushed. I wouldn't have wanted to see another delay but please schedule better for future Game Updates so bugs like this don't happen again.
It is especially frustrating when half of the things mentioned in the 6.0a patch notes turned out to not be fixed after all, so I hope they (and some of the remaining issues) will get fixed next week.
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