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Like many of you, I have been really enjoying the expansion and all the changes we made for gearing.
What kind of statistics are you referring to? I would like to see percentages.

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What feels good is being able to play anything in the game and benefiting from the new gearing system.
Don't make me laugh. Since when playing anything in a game is to be considered special? It's a standard service. Benefiting from the gearing system? Sure, unless you play warzones or want to craft. Furthermore, praising this gear system is quite irritating considering it is inferior in every aspect compared to the 4.x era. Creating something better than 5.x is not an achivement.

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We are extremely pleased with the launch of the expansion. I don’t want to jinx it, but from the game standpoint, it has been very smooth with relatively minor issues all around (the Tulak Hord server being the exception).
It is almost amusing how you ignore Darth Malgus being unplayable on high-end computers in certain countries/ISP in prime time.

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Patch 6.0.2 will be our last update for 2019 and we’ll target its availability mid-December. It’ll have additional bug fixes along with the following:
  • Crafting changes – it begins! Yes, we’re taking a hard look at crafting and will make some adjustments starting with this patch.
What exactly had you been looking at hard in the PTS phase then? Hadn't there be anyone to tell you how absurd it was? Don't bother, we already know the answer.