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So I spent cartel coins to go to level 70. You get a suit of armor with a set bonus. Is it better to keep that set bonus and upgrade the mods, etc than to buy a Gemini Mk-4 suit of armor with no set bonus and upgrade the mods, etc in that?
Infinitely better to upgrade the mod-objects in the base set (specifically, for the set bonus, the armorings, since that's where the set bonus is(1)) than to use GEMINI MK-4, since the MK-4 and MK-14 crafted sets are not moddable and therefore can't be upgraded.

Probably better still to just swap the gear pieces out because the shells do not carry the set bonus, as noted.

(1) Be aware that the set bonus is per-discipline (not simply per-class), and armorings from the wrong discipline will not provide a set bonus. (This mostly affects people who pay to transfer mod-objects to different characters and end up with them on a character with an incompatible class, but could in theory affect a character who switches between tank and dps.)
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