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Thanks for the stream! A new operation is great news, my guildies have been waiting for that for a long time and I hope some will return now. My raid group is looking forward to testing the boss on the PTS and giving feedback!

Regarding PTS, I hope it will be open. If you do a closed PTS and e.g. invite 8 players from a raid group, it will be difficult to test the operation in case a player can't make it to raid. An open PTS will make it easier to swap in other guildies, even allow for spontaneous raids, and then we can openly talk about it without worrying about NDA or datamining.
Of course, this means that once the ops boss hits the live server, it is not "new" but from past PTS, we know that only the most dedicated players will be on the PTS, so most players won't see the operation until it hits the live server.

Sounds great that you are planning a bonus CXP event! Based on what I've seen, a 3x to 5x increase would be perfect, double CXP is not enough. If you compare the rate of gear acquisition to previous tiers (2.0/3.0), usually raid groups could get everyone equipped within 8 weeks, and that was by just running operations for a few hours each week. Same for PvP, players could get a full set within a few weeks.
Now, you have to put in 5-10 hours a day to earn gear this fast. Most players only have a few hours of playtime each week, and it would take them months, if not over a year to gear up. A 3x to 5x increase would be perfect in my opinion, not too fast so players get bored, and not too slow where they lose motivation. Please also increase the rate of Unassembled Components by the same amount, because otherwise players need to do over 1000 warzones to get their gear.

My two questions are:
  • Is it required to complete the KotET story/Iokath daily area before doing the Operation? (Primarily asking because players have multiple alts for raiding, but not all characters have done the story)
  • Will the operation be available in both 8-man and 16-man mode? Charles talked about Story/Veteran/Master Mode but didn't mention 16-man.
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