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After today's stream... here is my take, and some other random thoughts. Hopefully this comes off without sounding too bitter.

I was hoping we would get a much bigger content announcement, say for Summer. A complete operation, warzone, gsf map. So much has been neglected, in addition to the mess that is 5.0/cxp. I've paid for this game for 5 years. GM of a medium/large sized (well, small in activity now) guild on Harbinger. Probably a years worth of gameplay if I add up my alts (my main is something like 200 days). Sadly, I cannot support this game anymore. I've loved this game, but I am disappointed with the studio if I'm being polite. Kudos for finally trying to do something about group content, but group content should never have been neglected like this to begin with...

I have very low expectations for daily areas, especially after Ziost which was a graveyard in less than a month after it came out.

New story is good for those players, but frankly I haven't enjoyed the story since SoR. The chapter stories are not my cup of tea, both in mode and content.

New operation is 2 years too late. 1 boss will not bring back guilds to life, and that's really what I (and many other dead guilds) need to continue to have fun. Its just not enough to make daily players come back so GSF or PVP is healthy on most servers, nor guilds to have people login daily to 'do stuff.' I fully appreciate that this takes time, and maybe better than holding off until late 2017, but in the end the interaction with other players having fun is what keeps paid subscribers around. Most guilds need a large content update to get people subscribed again, to do things. Of course this is just my opinion, 5.2 won't do that.

Obviously the other issues with cxp/bug fixing/class balance should be addressed... After 5 years, bug fixes and class balance really aren't even worth talking about at this point. That's a sad thing.

Ultimately I'm most frustrated with the studio's lack of communication with their player base. The class rep system should have been a priority, so there were at least a handful of high level paying players interacting directly with the community manager. Sorry Musco, nothing personal, but I would grade you an F as a community manager. No offense, its just how I feel as a paying customer. There are SO many things in this game that are neglected for months and in some cases years, without a word of input from you. Yes I've seen Snave's interviews and I heard your policy of 'well if there's nothing to announce I'd rather not comment until I actually have something confirmed' (paraphrasing), but when years pass and so many things are ignored we feel like you don't care. I'm sure you do care, and maybe you are limited by someone else such as Ben or someone 'in corporate'. In which case they deserve credit for the what I expect to be a continually dwindling subscriber base.

Doesn't change how I and many others feel/felt about the state of this game and the lack of communication with your player base.

I've loved 5 years of PVP, raiding, cheevo grinding, playing original class stories. It may be just a game, but its given me a lot of fond memories.

Sub is done 2/7, I'll not be back. Thank you.
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