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07.23.2018 , 09:29 AM | #4
I think DPS sins are at a huge disadvantage now and that's going to get worse with 5.9.2 tanking changes. Healer/tank combo will be even more immortal. With gimped damage and pvp dominated by ranged with myriad slows, roots, etc, our time on target is not as great. We have to be at very close range, for most part, which makes the gimpness they've already done to us sting more. Other classes hit harder and have far more survivability. When it comes to melee for a jedi/sith, sentinel or marauder would seem to be the way to go, especially in 5.9.2.

Yes, DPS sins are still effective for capping and watching everyone else play the game while we guard in stealth, but we are at a disadvantage in many ways.

Hopefully, mercy will be shown to us in 6.0. The cynic in me says no.