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I updated the link in the original post. The list now includes every item except one implant/earpiece. Here you go.

Although it really doesn't pertain this thread, I thought I might answer some questions people were having about the optimal stat distribution.
  • You reach 110% accuracy at 1589-1591. You can play around with it using this formula: Acc%(AccRating)=(30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,3))^((AccRating/75)/2,015)))/100+0,01
  • For specs without alacrity buff the thresholds are at:
    -1,4 GCD | 7,143% | 1213 Alacrity Rating
    -1,3 GCD | 15,385 | 3206 Alacrity Rating
  • For specs with a 3% alacrity buff:
    -1,4 GCD | 663 Alacrity Rating
    -1,3 GCD | 2374 Alacrity Rating
  • For specs with a 5% alacrity or the 5% alacrity guild buff:
    - 1,4 GCD | 331
    - 1,3 GCD | 1895
The way I see it the 1,4 gcd is to be preferred in every case EXCEPT if you have a 5% alacrity buff. Here is the formula for alacrity: =30*(1-(1-(0,01/0,3))^(AlacRating/75)/2,016))
So right now, you would first get the accuracy cap, than the alacrity cap that is best for your spec and than put the rest of your stats in crit.

P.S. I now added a tab in the linked google sheet called "stat formulas", in case any of you are interested in that kind of thing.
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