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02.14.2019 , 02:25 AM | #17
I personally liked the story however, I think Zakuul was a miss opportunity, where they could have expanded and explain through story and game play a lot of does questions (Specially this sentient Machine Gods that can synthesize the Force and bestowed to others like Zildrog did to that Zakuulan lunatic, THAT to me seem crazy new!)...and yes sadly players who play the Inquisitor had to suck up the fact that all their power, experience and all their effort to become the next Emperor was for nothing...

Everything was a generic story as apparently branching out 8 different stories per class was or is still, too difficult, expensive, to much time to develop or/and the SWTOR Team is either small or has its dev divided on other Bioware/EA projects... either way I understand, though I wish like many others, they took and stay on this direction.
After all this MMO strongest point is its way of telling the story... its very addictive (to me at least, I always love how Bioware does it in all its tittles, still playing Dragon Age Inquisition and love my Inquisitor there too!)

It would have been interesting to see how a player as Emperor would deal with the new IMPS vs PUPS story... it would be fun to play the Super Powerful Villain/Anti-Hero where you are the one who shoot out your Death lighting or Force push a full scene opponents in one of the cinematic instead... lol

I have my fingers cross with this new story coming up... I really hope they make each class stand out as the "experiance and powerful Commander" we are suppose to be...for now I like what they done as small as it was...hope it keeps up.