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Quote: Originally Posted by warfaring View Post
Nice guide, respec coming up but at least i got it early. only at 16 on sorceror atm:0
There is no need to respec at 16 just because you don't have the spec he has proposed here.

Also, there is no need to simply increase the size of your text to make it look better, lol.

Also, you are dead wrong on the issue of Khem. He is not all there is. A LOT of your leveling is better with a dps companion, such as Andronikus. When fighting against packs of normal mobs, he is perfectly viable. Also completely ignoring your dps companions is silly. There is simply no reason why you can't gear them up without spending a lot of credits. It is amazing sometimes what you can get from the comendation vendors when you find yourself not needing the gear yourself. I have gotten to 50 myself and helped other people level up.