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Here's a recap of how to fill out the left hand (LH) side items. L75 was covered above, but it sounds like the OP might have leveled to 75 without anything stuffed in the LH side. This is not good. The first and most important rule for gearing in SWTOR is to stuff every slot ASAP. It's more important to have a bad something than nothing.

LH @ L75: random drops, boxes (renown, fp, & conquest), and fragment vendor. Crafting is technically possible, but the drops are nicer and far FAR easier to get.

LH @ 10: PvP. Get the starter pvp quest and do one (1) match. It will reward you with a full set of LH items. These are sufficient for PvP'ing all the way to L74 due to bolster. They work fine in PvE, too.

LH/PvE @ 15+: crafting and gtn are a great way to improve your PvE leveling gear. However, it is definitely more efficient to use vendor items to level your first character than to pause and craft. The more characters you have, the more it pays off to craft ideal leveling sets to stuff in legacy (sharable) shells.

Quote: Originally Posted by nyrkverse View Post
1) set bonus
2) main tactical
3) other useful tacticals depending on spec
4a) rinse and repeat for how many characters if you want to gear or
4b) chase the BiS mods and enhancements from the RNG vendor *if* there's nothing else you want to buy
I'd urge swapping the sequence for tactical and set-bonus; ie. do tactical first. The reason is that many tacticals are quite nice and can make a significant and immediate improvement @ i268 (long before your set can matter). Set bonus "niceness" varies a fair bit from class to class, but it always will take 4~6 pieces before you will see any difference at all. And, that's not just 4-6 shells, but also the mods to fill them.

So, for spending fragments & maybe credits, I'd do it more like this:
  1. tactical
  2. i306 (frags to upgrade boat-anchor iRating items .. ie. your lone 268 when the rest is 284)
  3. augments & set-bonus
  4. stat twiddling to taste

The reason for spending frags only on boat-anchors is that it will speed your climb to 306 without unduly sapping your fragment pile. Tactical before set is another fast step up and one you can do long before 306. Augments are often overlooked as an early step up, but they can be a very nice boost, especially before you hit the point where your set-bonus starts paying off. No need for the very best at first, too; 73s are quite close in performance to the 74s and even the lower ones are much nicer than nothing.

For set-bonus itself, seriously consider The Victor if you run a lot of FPs and/or have many alts. I chased the classic ideal set bonus first and then made a victor set for alts. Turned out the victor set is just plain nicer than the main set -- not for actual parsed DPS or tanking, but for speed and survival. It makes FPs so much faster and smoother that I made two victor sets (dps & tank) and use them over the "bis" class sets almost always.

Ever run in a group with that tank or dps that just seems to have more HP than everyone and races from pull to pull without stopping? That what The Victor set does.