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06.24.2019 , 12:19 AM | #106
First of all, the notion that this game is f2p is bull. U cant do anything meaningful if u r preferred. U can never step into an op, u cannot do ranked pvp (not sure y u would ever want to, but still) u get very limited reg queues. U cant even loot anything if u solo FPs more than x times a week, wth.

Y cant anyone just enjoy the entire game? Its fine to pay 1 months of sub just to be able to get to max lvl every now and then, but seriously, content should not be denied to anyone, period.

The sub feature should merely provide perks/bonuses such as the ones u get for crafting (can make 8 comps slave away at a time, u can queue up 5 things etc). Stuff like that, except more. Recustomising ur character should not cost u cartel coins, wth. I never touched that in my life. Make it free for subs.

Subbing should not be the way to open the door to more content, unless u just need to sub for 1 month to get to max lvl to be able to enjoy endgame.

What is even the point of money cap? So u cant buy stuff on GTN that is more than x amount? Last i checked u dont need a sub for the trade exchange to use it. Credits r next to worthless anyway.

Think about it: instead of removing limitations, how awesome would it be if subbing actually gained u bonuses? Woot! Happy costumer! Nah wait, cant have that.