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06.18.2012 , 11:27 AM | #106
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Thank you so much for your wonderfully constructive post that really presents an excellent solution to the problem of anti-social "I want to play the game I payed for, everyone else can go hang" players. Now, just share with us what server and name(s) you play on so we can "praise" your insight appropriately...?
My post was rather constructive, it instructed people crying about community to wake up to the fact that in 6 months nobody has bothered to build one here, and so Cross-Server instances aren't going to change what doesn't exist.

And I say pot kettle black sir, you say those who are saying "I want to play the game I pay for" are anti-social, but then so are those saying "I care about this mythical community, so everyone on dead servers will have to deal with it!".