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05.10.2015 , 12:11 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by MishraArtificer View Post
Would have been nice to feature Jheeg and the Red Blade a bit more, but otherwise: ME LIKEY!
Yea I thought about it too, but I couldn't put in Jheeg coz he doesn't speak basic and I don't like subtitles in tribute or "epic" videos.. For this reason I couldn't really go deep into the Red Blade story

Quote: Originally Posted by Diviciacus View Post
I rather liked that, it was really well done. I loved the Agent story quite a lot, and your highlight video was well put together! May I suggest choosing music that better fits the story tone? It felt a little end-credits-ish, but maybe that's just me.
Well I've always liked the song and since it is also called Shadows and conspiracy I thought it was perfect.. But yea, already got this comment from a friend of mine saying that it sounds like a "tribute to a dead hero or something", so I guess I could've chose better oh well, let's see if I'll get the right one for Dromund Kaas!!

Thanks all for the comments anyway, really appreciated!