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That's really irrelevant when discussing class balance though, which almost always assumes players of equal skill, which yes, does happen. Furthermore, it is quite stupid to say balance doesn't matter just because players vary in skill level.
is it though? because you have argued time and again that "theory" (granked/trinity) is trumepd by "practice" (yolo). so now you want to come back to theory that when played to its potential merc OP. which is commical to me, because the most powerful classes when played to the maximum potential are definitely (dps) mara, sniper, and (heal) sorc (I'm ignorant regarding tanks). but w/e. so which is it? theory or practice? if the experience in yolo is determined by player and not spec (with the glaring exception of PT), then why are we talking about anything not PT for balance and matchmaking for team composition?

(thank GAWD for Gorgias! )


I feel I'm getting carried away in this. I don't want to tap in for zurules and I definitely don't want to tap in for jucy-lives. but if your concern is yolos, I have to tell you...I don't see what you see in that experience. it's not "omg nets!" the only thing I agree on in terms of class viability is PT dps is just hosed.