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Just nonsense, as usual. It's very strange to me that some people like to pretend that this game is somehow in a state of perfect balance. Just because everything can be worked around or overcome does not mean that it's as good as it can be. I'm not sure why people are so happy to settle for mediocrity.
did you just get back from a timeout? hehe

going on a tangent. nothing new has been stated about the enet suggesiton:

just want to point out that I did weeklies on a couple mandos (assault the gunnery) last week (did each weekly in one night). I'm using that to supplement my 2-5 hours per night of regs when I say, mercs are only slightly more difficult to kill than juggs, and you kill them exactly the same way: aoe over reflect. you can dps through kolto/ED, but stun through the DR. really not rocket science.

at the end of the night(s), every single yolo match came down to who was the weakest player (not counting mismatched roles or 3v4s), not the weakest AC. more often than not, it was a sin or a mara (there were a couple of each). a handful were healer roulette. I can think of one specific dps mando who I would say is soft at the start of the match and my team would kinda be like "no the jugg." at which point I just roll my eyes b/c I know the mando just burns through his dcds too quickly and will drop faster than the particular jugg on the other side, who I know can maximize his survivability better.

honestly, there is only one AC that is a free kill (as dps), and that's PT/VG. no one else is free food or immortal. these theoretical "My AC will always beat your AC" conversations are largely irrelevant to yolo because tell me a time when you have a 4v4 yolo in which all 8 players were fully capable of maximizing the potential of their classes? once or twice a night? a week? a month? I didn't find one such game in 20-30 matches. the reality is that the weakest player, not the weakest class, determines the vast majority of yolo queue matches. I think ppl in the queue are too brain dead to realize it just like ppl jump into WZs and immediately claim that they were globaled because of gear.