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As part of this effort, specifically for PvP, we are also working on changes that will reduce the gear related power difference between new characters at level 50 and players in full PvP gear. We feel that at the current time, this difference is too high.

It's my understanding the main purpose of expertise is to make it so people are not forced into PvE to play PvP. It separates out the two different aspects of the game.

A problem where PvP gear didn't have specific benefits over PvE gear has existed in other games, and can force people who PvP to PvE to get those items. There are already people using trinkets, some PvE gear to hit harder in PvP with the trade off of losing survivability. If PvP gear were to simply become less relevant, it opens up this potential gearing issue further.

I recommend allowing cheap crafted PvP gear which is close but not on par with the current Champion PvP gear. This will not only serve to foster a player driven economy, it will reduce the gap between Battlemaster gear and a new level 50, as well as not make Rakata (or other) top end PvE gear to powerful in PvP.