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02.01.2012 , 10:13 PM | #61
Bah. You're not going to make anyone drop bio by nerfing it repeatedly, it's still the only profession that's worth having (after you crafted whatever gear you wanted to craft for yourself) due to consumables. That is a longevity none of the other crew skills have. Sure, you can keep x profession to sell y good for profit, but for usefulness outside the cash flow area, bio trumps all and always will as long as that is true. (It could even be argued that due to reusables & with more upcoming sellable items bio may trump all in profit over time, too.)

Hey, you gave x profession the ability to make armor that's actually decent? I'll pick it up, craft a set and go back to bio. etc. Actually, if you make the aforementioned armor tradeable, I'll just buy a set and stay bio.