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Looking at my main character a SI - I lose a 30 meter 4 second stun, most often used to break a special abilty and in its place I get a heal that can only heal me. As a group healer if I am healing myself something is going wrong. That said forcing me to get within 10 meters of the battle will probably mean I wil be taking a lot more of a beating so will need this new heal a lot just hope it's not worthless amounts. As for force speed other that BT on hard mode where I use it for a single boss I dont really see it being much use. The change to Overload, well I dont tend to use it a lot because I try to avoid being beaten on, maybe ths will make it better dont know. All the changes here would only have been put in for PvP. Most boses are immune to stuns anyway on PvE.
So healing yourself because you have to use consumption/noble sacrifice or just heal up normal AoE damage is wrong, right? I'll keep that in mind next time I'm healing a FP and keel over dead because healing myself is doing it wrong