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I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I can't help but wonder if this isn't a case of reaching for the most powerful tool in many situations that a much less drastic action (you know, kicking someone) would've been more than sufficient. I'm sympathetic to the idea of not wanting to see someone join the guild with a different (legacy) name if they can't behave themselves with the first one (I've been frequently baffled at how people have argued against legacy-ignoring with the argument that they might want to troll on one character, but behave well on others ), but if there's no indication that these people actually will try this, then a ban is.. or should be premature.
We get people trying to sneak back in on a quite regular basis. We've had one person asking for invites with 5 different characters over the last week. They were banned on the first for straight away writing insults to an officer after they were initially invited. They then spent over an hour /w me and others in guild abuse about the officer and the rest of us for not re-inviting them. They also took it to fleet chat. Then later that night they relogged and asked another officer to invite them, not mentioning they had already been banned. When the system blocked them they confessed it was them and continued their rant about the first officer. Over the last 5 days they have tried to join with 3 more characters. We have explained how the in-game ban system works but they seem to enjoy wasting officer's time as they are asking several for the invite with each character. To save our time we just post the new character name in our officer channel so the others know to avoid it.

Another is an ex officer who got infected with elitism who became extremely toxic and then massively betrayed us all to try and show off for the others in his circle. He continued that way for several months after his kick, then took a break from the game and now he messages me and other officers trying to get re-invited every 4-6 weeks using several characters. That one is a bit lazy though and generally uses one character each time, so he messages 4-5 of us with one character, gives up and then tries again with another character a few weeks later.

Another example is someone in this thread I won't name who keeps trying to shoot down the idea of increasing the limit. They tried to join using over 30 characters and numerous accounts spanning more than 6 months. One of the reasons they were banned was for multi-botting in GSF and suiciding 4-5 ships at the same time to ruin matches. They did this daily for ~6 months. BW did nothing about it despite tickets and videos. The troll tried to use this as one of several blackmail attempts to get back in guild: they regularly wrote crap like that in the /gsf and fleet channels publicly stating they would stop ruining matches if we let them join our guild. To that "person"; there you go, you got the attention you were seeking, feel free to keep bumping the thread to prove my point further.

The "you should have better screening" point has been raised a couple of times in this thread. To me the in-game ban list is the ultimate in first line screening. We haven't posted a recruitment message in well over 5 years as we are very active and people ask to join because they like what they see. We frequently get 10-20 invite requests a day and whilst we do have around 20 officers who handle invites as part of their basic officer duties the actual number online varies hugely depending on day/time/availability etc. Sometimes there will be 5 online and sometimes just 1. We also have 2 Imp guilds and 1 Rep so officers are spread out. We've had a set process in action for years to check people. We do this as quickly and passively as possible since the majority that join have not caused any problems.

We don't just use the list for keeping trolls from sneaking back in, we also use it proactively. A lot of trolls seem to think that their behaviour should only be counted on a per-character basis. To me that is garbage and it's the player behind the keyboard. Three nights ago I watched one person randomly insulting pretty much anyone who wrote in fleet chat. Various insults to trigger a response like telling them what size of ***** they are banging their mom's *** with, stating that people from certain countries deserve to be wiped out with coronavirus etc. Two nights ago it was someone ranting for over an hour about how all gays should be castrated and burned etc. Both of those players were added to the list. They were not in guild with those characters but now they can never join. An added bonus is that if they did have other characters in the guild then those are removed.

Why would we ever want people like that in our guild? Trash is trash regardless of the character they hide behind.

Quote: Originally Posted by cyrusramsey View Post
As I said, I don't want to jump to conclusions, I don't know that that is what is actually going on, and I'm not against the limit being stretched some, but when is it going to be enough, really? If you filled 185 slots now, how long will it take you to fill 1000? Will you be asking for a higher limit when you hit that?
I 100% understand you questioning if 1000 will be enough and won't we just ask for a higher number when that is reached. The answer is a question, how many trolls will keep joining this game on our server? I can't predict that but clearly it's at least 185 already

The in-game ban list helps us keep our guild free of these kinds of undesirables. We've been a guild in this game that has run without breaks for ~8 years now and our existing methods of screening people and removing trouble makers clearly works or we wouldn't still be here. The in-game ban list is a great extra utility to have which we use alongside our current methods. I am not asking for the functionality to be changed or the bugs with it to be fixed. I just want the limit increased or removed. Keep in mind that when this feature was added there was no mention of a limit although we all suspected there would be one.

Moving forwards, if the limit was increased and actually stated in advance then we would use the in-game feature more sparingly and definitely with better notes for each entry