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I did the Heroic 4s some more and recorded them. Hugo seems to work okay as far as I can tell, although he only leapt on a hostage once and I was able to heal it. Not sure if there's supposed to be more to that mechanic. I think he maybe needs a health buff or something though. I solo'd him as a level 70 258 geared operative healer with an influence 50 ranged dps companion. My companion was pretty much the only one doing damage while I sat and healed and he still died pretty quickly. Here's video of that one:

Yarvok I did a few times. The trash inside seems to despawn after a day or something. I had attempted to kill Yarvok yesterday but died and then logged off. Today when I zoned back in all the trash was gone and I could go straight to Yarvok. I definitely did not kill them yesterday. Not sure if that's intentional. Also when you first open the door and the mobs start to run in, a stealth class can still stealth past all the mobs if they just run past the first pack while they're still coming in. It won't trigger the stealth detection at that point. But that's pretty minor since you can just suicide run to the door anyways.

I solo'd Yarvok on my operative healer here: This had a lot of problems though. Once again the repairable conduits never happened, even after they had all been blown up. Also my companion got stuck in the northwest conduit ( and I couldn't heal or res him. So he died. And then I got stuck in the northeast conduit ( but holotraversed out. And then the fight went on forever since the conduits never reset and he's easy if you just LoS Salt n' Pepper around the middle pillar thing. I basically just killed him with a DoT and reflect.

Yarvok on my guardian dps (in 258 gear): Conduits never reset again. I did get stuck in the northwest conduit ( but guardian leaped to my companion.

Yarvok on my shadow dps (237 gear) where I died to the conduit overload: Four of the conduits get broken. The north one never gets broken. It goes into the overload thing ( where you can repair conduits. I repair one but don't make it in time to a second one and die.

Yarvok on my other shadow dps (250 gear) where conduit overload happens but I don't die: I get stuck in the northeast conduit ( but shadow stride to the boss. And then on the next bomb thing that breaks a conduit, it blows me up into the air a bit instead of sending me to a conduit ( Although it looks like the north one still turns off. And then after the last one breaks it goes into the overload ( I reset two of them and that seems like it stops the automatic death? And then I realized you can still click them for a bit, so I clicked a third. But then after that I never got sent to another conduit and the fight just lasted until I killed him.

So I'm guessing the overload is somewhat of an enrage timer maybe? Otherwise you can just slowly whittle him down by LoSing his spray AoE and just hitting him when he's bunkered since that attack seems like it does less damage. Either way I don't think it's working right. And you need to make it so people don't get stuck in the conduits.