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So I took the time to get the <The Golden Dream> achievement, which you unlock when you pay the ransom for that H4. I documented it in a Twitter Thread for anyone who might want details -

I can't help but find some amusement in spending 150 million credits to get an item that makes you literally glow gold. My only real criticism is that it only lasts 30 seconds. (And it's bugged so it actually doesn't show you how long it lasts, I had to manually time it). If I can find 3 people to make a golden pact (haha) to split the cost of getting this then I might actually do it on live for ***** and giggles.

(But for real, which dev came up with this?! I have my suspicions but... )
I think it sounds cool. I may never buy it for 150 mill, but at least it's not a CM item.
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Lies have been corrected.