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I simply completed the achievement and got the item xD
When you click on it credit-symbols come out of you and you start to glow yellow for about 20 sec just like when using Resiliance. Thats it.
Here is a picture to better comepare the item to the Shadow ability.

I dont think it should stay like this if this item can be used in PvP. Its way to similar.
Ah, I've only been to the PTS a couple of times so haven't done the heroic enough times to hit the achievement yet.
I agree with other's feedback on the item though - the effect should last 30 minutes rather than 30 seconds and be disabled in PvP for the potential confusion problem.


Are the DEVs on strike? They don't seem to have read any of our PTS feedback since the update and not being able to complete the daily due to one quest being broken is a problem. They also haven't updated the log in screen - mine's still telling me about maintenance which happened on the 2nd
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