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05.02.2019 , 05:37 PM | #63
Marauder Maneuvers didn't give me any voice over when I picked up the communicators now. Can't it just say it once? Like after you pick up the last one or something?

Like others have said Dantooinian Destabilization is broken now. You can't sabotage the wind turbines.

I spent some more time fighting Yarvok and I'm guessing what is supposed to happen is you get the repairable power conduits after all of them get broken. But that doesn't always happen. When I fought him on my Shadow I got the option to repair after only breaking 2 of them. And then on my Operative it worked one time, but then when I did it again I never got the option to repair them even long after they had all been broken. I don't know if that had something to do with my companion dying, although he died the one time it worked as well. He did have aggro the time it broke though. So I just sat there and slowly whittled him down. Also the conduit that is in the northwest corner has a tendency to get the player/companion stuck when they get teleported to it when it breaks. That's how my companion died, he just got stuck inside it. I've also been trapped there a couple times but I can holotraverse out. There's also something weird about his timing with the ability he uses while bunkered. He casts it then just sits there doing nothing for several seconds.