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Play-through after PTS update (Empire Sith, Sith Inq (lightning))

1 & 2: The Daily: Patrol Dantooine 6/6 CANNOT be completed
This is because the mission Daily: Dantooinian Destabilization is broken. Part 1 of this mission (scanning turbines) is fine, part 2: Sabotage Wind Turbines cannot be completed as there is no way to sabotage the turbines - it has been removed with the patch (previously iirc there was a clickable item that sits just in front of the turbine - this is not longer clickable). This needs an urgent fix before it goes live please (or you'll have to put up with me linking this post in my signature for weeks on end ).

3: Heroic 2+ "Shiny New Toy" is still a bit disastrous
The large groups still have the capability to overwhelm the player and their companion, especially the first group which you have to kill in order to get to Nash "Rage" Cloven. As before the update I had to use all my "Oh ****" abilities at this group including my legacy ones which many players won't have. Moving the Kolto station from the platform to near this group may help solo players.

This heroic's boss is still a major pain in the arse because the three key abilities in this fight are terrible.
a) missile ability for player's use - this takes far too long to loot still. While you are looting it, the boss can and for some players will kill you. This is because
b) Boss ability "shock and awe" starts damaging you the second the boss starts to cast it. I could not interrupt it either and even so, you need to save your interrupts for...
c) Boss shield ability this has got stronger since the update. Really? Why would you do this? The fight is already annoying, why make it more so?

Also, the missile icon disappears after use now, so you have to loot another to see the cooldown (which is still 30 seconds). Who decided that?

If you're not going to sort this one out, this heroic should be reclassified as H4 as the tactic will be slightly easier in a 4 man group (or 2 man plus 2 companions).

I imagine most people will avoid this heroic because it's so irritating and focus on the other two, even though it will take longer to do the weekly.

4) These evading mobs are still evading
I wouldn't be so bothered but they are on/at a quest item at this location

5) Operation Starvation:
Text missing on selection (screenshot) - I reported this here but it has not been fixed.

6) Heroic 4+ Beware of Hugo - what the what?
Hugo has been buffed. Boo! He is much harder than the first time I did this and that's probably why. Still doable with you and your companion but requires a lot of companion micromanagement. Use a ranged healer (tried with melee healer just to see the difference and died). I had to battle res my range healer companion though as he took all the aggro off me which did not happen before the update.

Graphics - still excellent

Rep Items - I've been waiting ages for another Kath Hound mount - I think they have the best running animation of the creature mounts . Good to see a new companion. Farm fences and melon plants will feature quite frequently in my new stronghold (we need that Dantooine Stronghold that was asked about).

Music Much more noticeable this time - I really like it

One question about rep item "Yarvok's Gratitude":
Quote: Originally Posted by LEBU View Post
I really like the achievement that gives you the Yarvok's Gratitude item even if 150mil is a little bit expensive for most players. The only problem I see is that the animation (the yellow glow) from that item is way too similar to the Jedi Shadow ability Resilience. In normal play this wouldn't be any problem but in PvP it is crucial to see by the animation if the enemy is using this ability or not. So please make this item not useable in PvP or remove the long yellow glow from the animatioin. Otherwise players will spam this item in PvP (espacially Shadows) to make it look like they are immune to Force/Tech attacks and stuns all the time.
How do you know all this? I cannot preview this item, nor can I find any info on what it actually does. Can you link where you found that?
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