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I don't know what it is about GSF as a game mode but people bash their heads against the wall with it without ever learning how the game works. And some of them adamantly insist that they don't need to know, either. It's baffling.
The lack up a true tutorial (no, no one wants to load up the bare 'tutorial' and fly around in an empty space without directive, feedback or reward), the lack of requisition to try and diversify builds, needing to keep track of which toons went with what builds (because, you know, no legacy), being demolished by aces who will smile, refer you to their youtube tutorials, training nights (with nearly no incentive for the newb themself), topics breaking down the oh-so simple interactions within GSF that usually wind up looking like half a Harry Potter book, no PVE implementation to learn with while receiving rewards and the dailies/weeklies could get another look to encourage wanting to learn.

It can be a fun mode, when the skill ceiling is low enough for people to learn. But as of now, the issues are pretty clear and it's not just people wanting to get things with the bare amount of effort, so please, stop.
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ur being the "leet" one by letting the internet raise ur children and I would flash the bird to u if i could noob.
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I know your part of the "Forum Apologist Five" group but stop