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Having heavy armour , shield , defensive abilties etc and they can crit for 6-7 k aoe is just absurd , what was in developers mind i have no clue and please stop with that moron argument that it needs 2 prerequisite many classes do this and dont get so high dmg and aoe included it ruins any kind of balance
So what? Reroll to a juggernaut. I did that too and enjoying my 16medals per game, 350-400k dmg and 120k protection. I never die cause im in heavy armor means enemy do about no dmg on me, but if im in trouble i still can use one of my shiny defensive cooldown from many. Im enjoying my 6-7k AOE crits 1shooting ppl and with relic, adrenal, expertise stacking it goes over 9000 sometimes. In top of that i have a constant nice dps between the 9sec CD on my big crit smash. In huttball i can jump around insta killing enemies and carry the ball with my pocket healer spamming AOE taunt on enemies. I hope BW wont touch my character as i enjoy playing it.