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Lets not kid yourself its still in heavy armour , shield , still has cool defensive abilities...if you think is normal to do 7 k aoe dmg as dps tank pls show me dmg of real dps classes that do this kind of dmg , every real dps classes trade dps for lower armour no shield etc...
few points

- Heavy armor / shield helps against other "tank classes" and snipers. Thats about it
even in tank spec it is not encouraged to buy any pvp tank gear, including the shield
(maybe some argument about the shield)

- cool defensive abilities? LOL. any jugg who can do big smash crits has 1. saber ward
2. ????? health pot i guess? Mauraders and sorcs EASILY have better defensive abilities. and probably lots of other classes as well

- you keep saying 7k is normal? the guy with ove 600 exp. just said he has NEVER seen one. And it takes a lot of pvp to get to 600 exp. and he said even 6k looks to be impossible with the best gear currently available? looks like this thread is about a week late