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it seems the critical chance for crafting has also changed even though the information in the window has not changed.

With the crafting window showing me a companion has a 78% chance to crit I am seeing something closer to a 20-25% chance. Since we have to do a lot more crafting to actually craft something it stands out. It is odd hos Bioware made crafting much more work for a game that is a shell of it's former self. Backwards thinking.
Crafting window crit and efficiency display numbers have been various kinds of wrong since 5.10 dropped...

The Max you should be able to crit (not including Amps) is 53% for Crafting, and 50% for everything else....
sources of crew skill crit are:
Companion Level * 0.5% (rounded down to nearest whole percent): Max 25%
Subscriber Bonus: +10% for Orange difficulty, +15% for al others (not displayed)
Legacy Crafting Bonus: +3% Max, crafting only
Guild Set Bonus: Fortune set gives 2%
Guild Perk (static): various +crit bonuses, Max +3%
Guild Perk (Skill): +5% while active, checked at crew skill completion
Those are the ones that affect Base Rate....

Amps are NOT added to base rate, they are applied AFTER base rate is applied, and max out at 13.5%

Failure Rate is a completely separate roll, so you will want to discard them when calculating your critical rate for crew skill missions. (Critical rate is only checked IF you don't fail)
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