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Hi I am relatively new to SWTOR and started playing because the battlefront games just arenít that great IMO. But it seems that gearing and stats are highly argued compared to ESO witch is easier for me to understand different stat properties. But my overall question is how much crit is really to much? I am lvl 70 after 2 months of playing because I bought the cartel boost after wanting to skip the level grinding and jump straight into pvp. With pvp being basically the only thing I do in the game my stats are as follows... I play a fury marauder
Item rating 240

Bonus dmg-2411
Crit multi-84.44
Drop Your crit below 2000, above 2000 you are wasting stats really badly. That means, you will very very little +crit after that with a huge stat investment. Mod your gear toward more power or alacraty.

Alacraty get to 703 or 1860. At 703 + your global cooldown will be 1,4 sec, at 1860+ its 1,3s

if you go 703, you can stack more power what means much harder hits. with higher alacraty, you will hit more often, but the max hits will not be as high. For pvp, if you have very good ping to server, you can use 1860 build, if you have small ping issues then id say go for higher hits. It is generally preferred anyways in pvp. Higher hits=more burst.

to recap:

Reduce crit to around 2000, anything 1800-2000 is really good.
Alacraty stick to 703 or go for 1680, anything between is wasted, as marauders dont have energy regen to set up to perfect level (like my ops, i run around 1,1k so energy regen is little better)