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11.19.2014 , 04:26 AM | #15
any of you going to really miss having to use TK throw/Lightning in the TK/Liightning spec?

i really liked having a reason to use that spell in TK, not as a regular, but once in a while and an extra incentive to have weaken mind used. TK throw/lightning really thematically need to be used in the skill disciplines that are named after them.

and the same goes for Project/shock - afterall nothing screams telekinetics more than project & TK throw (moving a rock with your mind) or lightning than lightning and shock. They need to have a reason to use both and while i like the new mechanic, the old psychic projection should still be a part of it, and they should add an occassional super buff to project so you're using it at least once every cycle.

The spec is no where near too complicated yet for this, sage specs are still relatively the simplest in the game TK won't scramble people's minds if you retain the use of TK throw from psychic projection and make project relevant in addition to the new spells
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